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Strata Integrated Wellness Spa: Wholistic Wellness Tracks

Wholistic Wellness Tracks
Our Wholistic Wellness tracks are designed to be introductions to a proactive approach towards achieving your wellness goals. Each track is built to enable you to realize your ultimate potential or improve your targeted health focus area.
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Personalized Optimal Wellness Track
Our most integrated proactive track for wholebody health.

Personalized Optimal Wellness Track: Our most integrated proactive track for wholebody health. 

  • The Personalized Optimal Wellness Track experience begins with a 30-minute consultation in order to align around your wellness goals.  This session is followed by four consultative assessments designed to provide valuable insight into your current health status and introduce you to our highly skilled team of doctors and clinicians who will give you the personalized guidance and support you need on your journey to optimal health and well-being. *
    • Body Composition Assessment: Understand what Body Composition Really Mean
      • Body composition is your ratio of fat to fat-free mass and is one of the best indicators of overall health. Strata Integrated Wellness Spa offers measurement using the “BOD POD,” the industry’s highest standard for precise detection of body fat and lean body mass.  It can be used to establish a baseline from which to move forward or to measure the success of your nutrition and/or exercise program, monitor obesity, help to lose or gain body fat safely, assist with fine tuning your athletic performance and more.

    • Meridian Mapping: Promote & Restore the Balance of Energy
      • The meridian system in the human body is the basis for many different healing modalities and can be used for treatment of a condition and/or diagnosis. The meridian system is a concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and evaluates the pathways through which the life energy, known as “qi”, flows.   Careful mapping of the twelve standard meridians allows the areas of dysfunction to be isolated and subsequently treated using medical acupuncture.

    • Nutritional Consultation: Learn to Feed Your Body & Soul
      • The nutritional content of what we eat determines the composition of our cell membranes, bone marrow, blood cells and hormones. Clean and healthy eating is essential for weight management, anti-aging, enhancement of energy levels, healthy digestion and more. Embark on your journey towards a healthier you by experiencing a personalized approach to mindful eating, mastering portion control and more.

    • Naturopathic Consultation: Explore the Healing Power of Nature
      • Through the power of preventative medicine and herbal remedies, develop your understanding of how you arrived at your present state of health as well as the available conventional and alternative treatment options to address disease.  With individualized, creative problem solving, you will be empowered to take control of your own health and understand how altering daily habits can result in significant improvements in physical and emotional health.

Retail Value: $1,000+ offered exclusively in our track program for $600 ($540 for Club Members)

*Scheduling is subject to availability and may need to be scheduled over more than one day.  Thursday/Friday consultations allow for the most efficient scheduling. 

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Heart Health Track
Listen to Your Heart
o Cardiovascular wellness can be influenced not only by a person’s individual (innate/inherited) physiology but also by acquired problems secondary to metabolic, emotional, personal, professional, psychological and physical stressors. The key to cardiovascular wellness is determining the primary challenges individuals face and how changes can be made to achieve a balance of both the physiology and external stressors to minimize the chance for the development or worsening of cardiovascular issues. Comprised of two sessions, the initial session will focus on the emotional and psychological contributors to cardiovascular disease. Following this, our cardiologist will address the metabolic and physiologic aspects responsible for the development of cardiovascular issues. This will provide a better understanding of both the every-day and long-term challenges that result in the development of cardiovascular complications and how to be proactive to maintain a happy and healthy heart.

Retail Value: $700 offered exclusively in our track program for $420 ($375 for Club Members)

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Weight Control Track
Break Free of Extreme Emotions Surrounding Food
Open to both women and men, this uplifting track will focus on the challenges that confront many who struggle with eating problems. Oftentimes, these challenges result in stress, conflicted feelings, discouragement, medical issues and even depression. The track will be facilitated by our psychotherapist and naturopathic doctors with a thorough investigation into the true underlying cause of symptoms and disease. You will walk away discovering the pathway for creating a life with balance, peace and contentment, while breaking through the obstacles that have often been self-sabotaging and defeating.

Retail Value: $700 offered exclusively in our track program for $420 ($375 for Club Members)

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Pain Management Track
Discover New Ways to Manage Pain
Pain is often associated with traumatic events that continue to affect the quality of one’s life and remain conflicted, confusing and discouraging due to limitations. It’s important to recognize the mental, emotional and physical aspects of pain and how they contribute to the intensity of pain and body imbalance. This track is for those who would like to discover a comprehensive approach focusing on new discoveries for managing pain, healing, lessening the emotional intensity and debilitation of pain, reclaiming one’s life, and creatively discovering the undiscovered self for coping with and managing pain proactively.

Retail Value: $700 offered exclusively in our track program for $420 ($375 for Club Members)

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Wellness Spa Revitalization Track
Let tension melt away**
For decades, members and guests have come to Garden of the Gods not just to disconnect from the outside world, but to reconnect with the best that life has to offer. Our Wellness Spa track, directed by award-winning esthetician, Biologique Recherche ambassador and advanced lymphologist Rebecca Johnston, allows you the opportunity to discover the refreshing and restorative benefits that can be achieved by our cutting-edge therapeutic and esthetic services.
  • 45 Minute Consultation with Rebecca Johnston
  • 50 Minute Strata Massage
  • Just a Float (Soft Pack Bed)
  • Strata Signature Facial
  • Shampoo Blow Dry

Retail Value: $585 offered exclusively in our track program for $385 ($345 for Club Members)

**Each of the of the selected Wellness Spa offerings above as well as our entire spa and salon menu of services can be added to any wellness track plan as a customized addition

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