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Precision Health Programs

Women’s Precision Health
At Strata Integrated Wellness Spa our Women’s Precision Health program is second to none designed individually to see permanent lifestyle changes. Our team of clinicians will answer your questions about sexuality, fertility, cognitive health, exercise and weight control – and addresses risks, preventive approaches and treatment options for concerns such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, breast issues, PMS, menopause, stress and depression.
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Men’s Precision Health
Concerned about health issues specific to men? Our team of clinicians will consult with you personally, answer your questions and address risks, preventive approaches and treatment for heart disease, osteoporosis, exercise and weight control, andropause, stress management, depression and anxiety, cognitive health, sexual health and erectile dysfunction, and prostate and testicular health. This service includes recommendations for hormone evaluation, cancer screening and a multitude of other laboratory tests based on your personal health status.
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Health & Longevity Program
Metabolic medicine is an emerging advanced health care discipline which focuses on the cultivation of well being by helping the body function optimally. The programs at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa are designed to address the core components necessary for health and longevity: hormone balance, health risk reduction, and lifestyle design. Strata Integrated Wellness Spa provides the resources you need to protect your most important asset: your health
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