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Fireside Chats with Ron Apgar, LPC, CEAP

Fireside Chats
Group Discovery Series
You have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world.
Join Ron Apgar, LPC, CEAP, for a series of fireside chats this Spring. Each fireside chat will open with a theme, but continue with fluid movement through the discussion that will likely ebb and flow, leading into other subjects. We plan to meet around the firepits at the beautiful Three Graces Pool, with comfy chairs and sofas, cozy blankets, and a glass of wine. This series will be an informal time of exploring certain topics that will be fun, stimulating and engaging. $20 per person for members, $30 per person for non-members.

Please call Strata Integrated Wellness Spa at 719-428-2202 to learn more or to register for a session.

March 06 | 6:30PM | “What Is All the Talk About ‘Mindfulness’?”
March 13 | 6:30PM | “When Life Catches Up with Us…Then What?”
March 20 | 6:30PM | “How to Discover Your Undiscovered Self”
March 27 | 6:30PM | “What is Male and Female Intimacy Anyway?”
April 03 | 6:30PM | “Creativity and Spirituality”
April 10 | 6:30PM | “Never Abandon, Never Submit”
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Fireside Chats
Who, What & Why

What is a fireside Chat?

A fireside chat embraces the outdoors at the Three Graces pool at the Garden of the Gods, and at the same time we will be sipping on wine and discussing about life and being “mindful.” We will have cozy blankets, wine and a fire and the outdoors will elevate your experience.

Who will lead the Fireside Chat?

Ron Apgar, LPC, CEAP is the Director of Wellbeing at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa and will be launching a series of discussions.

The first topic is understanding mindfulness and why it is becoming a household term some areas that will be discussed include: how to apply mindfulness in everyday living, how it can reduce all areas of stress, improve our quality of life, and incorporating mindfulness in areas of anxiousness and anxiety, and including our physical health. Mindfulness is a natural way for experiencing life and will enhance your daily life.
Other Fireside Chats topics will include the creativity we all have within us and self-growth; discovering our undiscovered self when life seems to be routine and repetitious; couple communication and the bond of intimacy from Anger (ANG) at 74T: Scores on the ANG scale indicate the extent of angry cognitions, moods, behaviors, and fantasies experienced by an individual that have experienced trauma. Individuals scoring high on this scale often describe anger as an intrusive and unwanted experience and may see their angry thoughts or behaviors is not being entirely within their control. They may also describe pervasive feelings of annoyance, hot tempered, or feelings of mistreatment and injustice - all of which may result in excessive frustration and inappropriate anger reactions or behaviors. a male-female perspective; knowing how to make change in our lives and to live life in the moment, in one’s own truth.

Why a Group?

Having a group can be stimulating, fun and engaging while exploring areas of life that come with living life, keeping it stimulating and captivating. You can listen, you can share thoughts together and we can all gain new insight together. We are meeting outdoors in a beautiful setting because that’s Colorado and the fire under a starlit night will enhance our experience.
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