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Functional Medicine Phone Consultation
FREE Consultation
How healthy are you? It's time to find out!

To schedule your complimentary functional medicine phone consultation, please click on the link below to complete a short form. A member of our clinical team will then contact you to finalize your appointment time and answer any questions that you may have.

By completing the form below you are agreeing to the following:“I understand that the 15-minute complimentary phone consultation is to determine if I am a candidate and can benefit from functional medicine services and does not establish me as a patient of Strata Integrated Wellness Spa (Strata). I also understand there is no patient-practitioner relationship or obligation between myself and Strata based on participating in the complimentary phone consultation.”

FREE Health Consultation
IV Nutritional Therapy
High dose vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
Restore. Refresh. Renew.
The absence of toxins is a prerequisite for health, but so is the presence of nutrients. Eating the right foods isn’t always possible and does not guarantee that you are getting everything your body needs. IV Nutritional Therapy infuses amino acids, vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream delivering these nutrients into the cellular space and by-passing the digestive tract where much of the nutritional value of foods and supplements can be lost.

IV nutritional therapy is perfect for individuals looking to boost their overall health, improve athletic performance, reduce the effects of aging, manage stress, and enhance physical appearance. At Strata Integrated Wellness Spa all IV Therapy is conducted with physician oversite.

Many people notice improved immunity, increased energy and an enhanced feeling of well-being from the enrichment in cellular health. The IV Nutritional Therapy Program at the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa includes components targeting Immune Support, Low Energy, Headaches, Nausea, Cold and Flu, Health and Longevity, Beauty and Dehydration. IV nutrient therapy provides higher therapeutic doses when compared to oral supplementation.

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What Does Your DNA Say About You?
Can you actually change your genetic make-up?
Strata Integrated Wellness Spa is now offering comprehensive genetic testing analysis, a powerful tool to mitigate your risk of chronic disease and optimize overall health. This program is designed for those who have run genetic testing through 23andMe or Ancestry but may feel overwhelmed with the amount of data presented. Dr. Powell will guide you through the reporting, determine which information is relevant to you, and help you to determine a path towards optimal health.

Dr. Karly Powell's Approach

Dr. Powell uses a specialized genetic analysis of the raw data to identify problem areas in your cellular function. This data will give you a detailed understanding of your individual cellular vulnerabilities, which nutrients your body demands in higher amounts, and your long-term risk of cardiac, neurological disease, and immune disease. She explains your results in detail and provides you a personalized dietary program, targeted nutritional, and lifestyle modifications to optimize the function every cell in your body. You will also learn ways to manipulate the activity of your vulnerable genes using simple changes in your day-to-day life. That’s right, you can actually change your genetic make-up with the things that you eat, drink, think, and breathe!
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Proactive Services
Take Control of Your Health
It's Your Time to Thrive
At Strata Integrated Wellness Spa we believe in a new model of care. Our proactive approach identifies important health and wellness issues early and applies personalized strategies for maximum results. We believe this approach is best for our clients because each program is customized for the client’s unique needs. We are transforming the way we support people by optimizing results and focusing on the whole person.

Our aim is very simple – to put the client at the center of what we do and to work together more proactively to meet his or her health care needs.

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We help you work smarter – not harder
Learn the key to maximizing your performance.
Your time is valuable, as is your health. We understand that and help busy executives, business owners and entrepreneurs maintain vibrant health with a confidential, comprehensive, head-to-toe health assessment. This unique program gives you access to preventive care through a focused, efficient, individualized experience.


Our onboarding process begins weeks before your on-site visit, allowing us to customize your Executive Wellness experience to your unique needs and interests.


Our experienced multidisciplinary team draws from traditional, complementary and functional medicine to build a clear vision of what is possible for a bright and successful future.
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The Art of Wellness
Creative Expression through Art
Creative expression has a powerful impact on health and well-being! The Art of Wellness is a creative experience in artistic painting by renowned artist Ron Apgar. Everything is provided during this 2.5-hour creative activity including wine and appetizers. You will leave with a personalized canvas that reflects your individual discovery and renewal.




$65 per person

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Guided Hikes
Guided Hikes through Garden of the Gods Park
Start the day with a beautiful sunrise hike through Garden of the Gods Park. This one-of-a-kind 1400-acre park was formed approximately 70 million years ago and features a variety of magnificent red sandstone formations. Garden of the Gods has been voted the best city park in the United States for several years and has been voted number 2 park in the world. Annually, an estimated six million visitors from all 50 states and more than 60 countries discover the spectacular beauty of this park. Garden of the Gods Park has over 2 miles of handicap-access trails for our guests with limited mobility. Hikes can accommodate participants of any fitness level. Our guides will assess participant abilities and adjust speed, mileage and difficulty of the trails accordingly. A must see! Weather permitting.


Saturdays in February from 9:50 am – 11:30 pm
  • 9:40 am arrival at the Resort
  • 9:50 am departure
  • 11:30 am return to the Resort

  • Cost:

    No cost

    Note: Eight hikers per guide.
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    Proactive Personal Fitness Coaching
    Customized One-on-One Fitness Training
    with Holistic Human Performance Coach Steve Thompson
    Identifying fitness goals and foundational motives with a personalized support team sets the foundation for this program. You will learn how to inject movement into everyday life and establish cohesive goals and routines to achieve and maintain optimal fitness. Steve’s approach is attainable, maintainable and sustainable, with routines that fit with your personal lifestyle. Train at the breathtaking Garden of the Gods Resort and Club and let nature inspire you to attain optimal health and vibrancy!

    Special Offer

    Now - June 30, 2020
    Ten 60-minute sessions with Steve Thompson that are uniquely customized to each individual for $900 OR

    Now - June 30, 2020
    Twenty 60-minute sessions with Steve Thompson that are uniquely customized to each individual for $1,600

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    Team-Building Activities
    Outdoor/indoor team building activities provide realistic experiences in a relaxed environment that encourages individuals to contribute to a common goal. The success of most organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build and work within effective teams. The main goals of these team-building activities are to improve communication skills, increase awareness of challenges facing companies today and help participants get to know each other in a different way. Team building activities are led by Kellie Gragg, MPH, RDN, CDR, who has been working with companies such as The Center for Creative Leadership, Synaptics, Hugo Boss and Coach for over 20 years to combine work and team building experiences with outdoor/indoor activity and play.
  • The HUNT!: This activity uses clues and compasses to encourage your group to work together to find the ultimate prize. This is a great team building/bonding exercise that encourages people to work with colleagues from other teams and departments in a new way and is a great vehicle for helping employees get to know each other. Weather permitting.
  • Team SURVIVOR!: This activity divides your group into 2 teams. The teams must accomplish various challenges all while standing on a balance beam. The team with the most people left on the beam is the winner. This activity promotes trust and communication skills among team members.
  • PANDEMIC: Managers and team members must hurry to contain a deadly virus by transferring it using ropes and a bucket. This timed activity promotes teamwork and group interaction while allowing participants to experience what company managers and employees experience in getting a critical task done with a looming deadline
  • Cost

    $250 per hour

    Note: Please pre-book. Outdoor activities are weather permitting.

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    TPI Golf Workshop
    Educating Golfers on the 'Body-Swing Connection'
    Golfers can benefit from a healthy and efficient physique. Because efficiency is unique to each person’s body, there isn’t one right way to swing a golf club, however, there is a most efficient swing for each golfer based on physical capabilities. Physical limitations can adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury making it imperative to educate golfers on the ‘Body-Swing Connection’. This workshop will show how your physical body individually functions during your golf swing. Workshop is led by Rich Parker, PGA, Director of Golf and TPI Certified, Dr. Shane Wells, TPI Certified, and Tracy Iverson, Fitness & Lifestyle Instructor and TPI Certified.


    April - May


    $35 per person

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    Know Your Numbers
    Finger-Stick Blood Test
    If your health priority is understanding your current state of health and developing an optimal wellness plan, then this 30-minute session is for you. The STRATA Clinical Team will measure 15 lifestyle and health risk indicators using a proprietary biometric assessment coupled with a finger-stick blood draw and nutritional assessment. In addition to the biometric screening you also receive a lipid profile and hemoglobin A1c (Hgb A1c) test to provide a 90-day ‘snapshot’ of your average blood glucose levels which in turn provides an accurate predictor of the potential for developing disease such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes. Results of testing are reviewed with you at the time of your appointment by a Strata licensed nutritionist who then assesses your current diet habits and wellness goals. Recommendations to build a personal action plan designed to jumpstart your health goals are made based on the findings.

    Date & Time:

    Tuesday, February 18, 9 - 11am


    $70 per person

    Note: 30 minutes per person.
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    Sound Off Fitness
    Utilizing the power of our natural setting, fitness training is customized to the client’s preferences. The Sound-Off Fitness is an outdoor/indoor fitness event (based on weather conditions) and combines multiple disciplines of exercise while utilizing personal wireless headsets for a heightened experience with zero noise disturbance to anyone around. Imagine being outside on a beautiful Colorado day being coached and encouraged by your instructor through fitness and spinning!
  • SOUND-OFF FITNESS: Indoors or outdoors, moderate intensity fitness training with sound-silencing headphones
  • SOUND-OFF THEATRE SPIN/CYCLING: Indoor theatre-style lights-out, sound-off, spin class with featured movie
  • SOUND-OFF OUTDOOR SPIN/CYCLING: Sound silencing headphones, nature-gazing spin class

  • Coming May-June

    Note: Outdoor activities are weather permitting.
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    Cardiology Concierge Membership
    Listen To Your Heart!

    The twelve-month Cardiology Concierge Membership Program (CCMP) is headed by Dr. Michael Barber; a prominent board-certified Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist and Internist with a Ph.D in Physiology. Under Dr. Barber’s direction, the CCMP strives to reduce heart disease risk, augment physical and mental performance and enhance the quality of life.

    The goal is to provide a customized menu for open access to the Cardiology Team as well as provide complementary opportunities for treatment and heart disease management through the Strata Integrated Wellness Clinical Team.

    Professional services offered by the Cardiology Concierge Membership Program are based on the heart-health status, prior cardiac-related issues and future lifestyle goals of the client.

    To determine if the Cardiology Concierge Membership Program is right for you, please contact Strata Integrated Wellness Spa at 719.428.2202 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Dr. Barber to discuss your current heart health status. To review Dr. Barber’s bio and credentials, please click here.

    The Cardiology Team will assist you in designing a personalized and preventative heart-centered wellness program then guide you on your wellness journey throughout the year. Striving to reduce disease risk, augment physical and mental performance, eliminate inflammation, promote health maintenance and enhance your quality of life by improving hour your body functions, these services will specifically target disease mitigation and prevention while assisting you with your heart-health and wellness goals.

    Your Cardiology Concierge Membership Program makes available the following services based on your current health status, your heart-health and wellness goals and input from the Strata Cardiology Team:

    Concierge Cardiology
    Comprehensive Intake Evaluation INCLUDED
    Clinician Prescribed Laboratory INCLUDED
    Initial Physical Examination INCLUDED
    Bi-annual Physical Examination INCLUDED
    Comprehensive Echocardiogram INCLUDED
    Carotid Artery Vascular Study INCLUDED
    Stress Echocardiographic Treadmill Testing INCLUDED
    Specialized Physician Evaluation
    functional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine
    Nutrition Consultation INCLUDED
    Functional Movement and Fitness Evaluation INCLUDED
    Mindfulness Sessions 3 SESSIONS
    Additional Sessions
    functional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine
    (based on physician direction)
    Additional Sessions
    nutrition, fitness, energy
    BOD POD Body Composition Test & Metabolic Rate Analysis 2 SESSIONS
    Integrated Medical Team Health Strategy Session
    review test results, develop treatment program, design therapies & supplement plan
    Computerized Analysis of Functional Meridians INCLUDED
    Acupuncture Treatments 4 SESSIONS
    Wellness Concierge Liaison Services INCLUDED
    Supplement Discount Off Retail 20%
    Additional Testing Discount Off Retail 20
    IV Nutritional Therapy Discount Off Retail 20
    MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTION AVAILABLE 5% Monthly Administrative Fee Applied

    *Restrictions apply. Offer may not be combined with any other offers, memberships, programs or discounts.
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