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Decode Your DNA

Decode Your DNA
What Does Your DNA Say About You?
Can you actually change your genetic make-up?
Strata Integrated Wellness Spa is now offering comprehensive genetic testing analysis, a powerful tool to mitigate your risk of chronic disease and optimize overall health. This program is designed for those who have run genetic testing through 23andMe or Ancestry but may feel overwhelmed with the amount of data presented. Dr. Powell will guide you through the reporting, determine which information is relevant to you, and help you to determine a path towards optimal health.

Dr. Karly Powell's Approach

Dr. Powell uses a specialized genetic analysis of the raw data to identify problem areas in your cellular function. This data will give you a detailed understanding of your individual cellular vulnerabilities, which nutrients your body demands in higher amounts, and your long-term risk of cardiac, neurological disease, and immune disease. She explains your results in detail, and then a personalized dietary program, targeted nutritional, and lifestyle modifications to optimize the function every cell in your body. You will also learn ways to manipulate the activity of your vulnerable genes using simple changes in your -to-day life – that’s right, you can actually change your genetic make-up with the things that you eat, drink, think, and breathe!
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