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Charlene Wang, MS, RD, CHTP


“My personal mission is to help people feel empowered, experience optimal wellness and prioritize self-care as a daily practice. I hope to constantly evolve and heal through my work with people in nutrition. I feel blessed to have contributed to the powerful regenerations of the human body through natural remedies and strong influences of engaging counseling. I vow to lead my life and practice my art with integrity and honor. I serve the highest interests of my patients through my honest and useful practice of science and art.”

Charlene Wang is a holistic registered dietitian and professor of nutrition, health, and wellness. She earned her master’s degree from California State University and completed her dietetic residency at Penrose-St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs. Charlene has achieved certifications in Holistic Health Coaching, Alternative Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, and BioEnergetic Healing.

Her focus is on energy medicine and energetic purification, healing touch, meditation, aromatherapy, emotional repolarization techniques, crystal healing and eastern/western nutritional medicine.